Kenya AA Top Barichu Karatina

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Kenya AA Top Barichu Karatina


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Bag size: 16oz

The aroma of this specialty coffee fills the air with milk chocolate, lemon and floral notes, while you savor the flavors of chocolate, coffee, nutmeg, and black tea with every sip.

Body: Medium Plus
Acidity: Plum. Grapefruit, Red Wine

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Karatina is a Kikuyu name for a "tree" that produces some fruits used to brew the famous Muratina beer, which was used by the Kikuyu to celebrate and perform rituals.  Within the vicinity of the factory, there is a town with the famous Karatina open air market and hotels that cater to visitors with a view of the snow-capped Mt. Kenya.

Fermentation is done with fresh river water from the Ragati river and then sundried on raised beds.